Air Buddies
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The new generation of the hugely successful Air Bud franchise is here! AIR BUDDIES follows the adventures of five adorable puppies: Mudbud (the Dude), B-Dawg (the hip-hop pup), Budderball (the big fella), Buddha (the zen one) and Rosebud (the fearless one). The Buddies are growing up fast and before long it’s time to go to their new families. Determined to stay together, the Buddies believe their only option is to sneak away before they get split up. In a runaway attempt gone wrong, the Buddies get used as bait and end up causing their famous parents, Buddy and Molly, to be dognapped by an evil Exotic Animal Hunter. Before they know it, the Buddies have no choice but to embark on a daring rescue mission to save Mom and Dad. It’s the adventure of a lifetime as the Buddies learn some of life’s most important lessons and even get some help along the way from unexpected friends including Sniffer, an aging bloodhound (voice of Don Knotts), a wise wolf (voice of Michael Clarke Duncan), Belinda, the Pig Latin talking pig (voice of Debra Jo-Rupp) and Billy, a gruff goat (voice of Don Knotts). The fur is sure to fly in this story of teamwork, adventure and the true meaning of family. And, you'll even discover the Buddies secret - they can talk!
Starring Patrick Cranshaw, Slade Pearce, Trevor Wright
Director Robert Vince