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2049. A roboticist, George Almore is on the verge of a breakthrough. Stationed at a remote, secret facility, he has been working on a model that is a true, human equivalent android. His latest prototype, J3, is almost complete. Development of J3 has been achieved through two earlier prototypes, J1 and J2. Each prototype is an increasingly advanced version of his wife, Jules, who died in a brutal car crash. Driven by love for Jules, George has secretly skewed the focus of his work: developing the robots towards the goal of creating a simulacra of Jules. Through the different J-prototypes, George experiences aspects of his wife he never did when she was alive. And although each prototype develops their own love for George, their respective development gives their relationship with George individual characteristics. At the same time, Jules is still present in George’s life via a new form of life-extension technology: the Archive. However, when the Archive unit comes to a critical point of near-failure, it becomes more crucial than ever for George to complete the construction of J3 before he loses Jules completely. As his work approaches its final and riskiest stages, external forces threaten to discover and shutdown his facility while the introduction of the highly advanced J3 collapses the delicate 'family’ balance inside the facility.
Starring Theo James, Stacy Martin, Rhona Mitra
Director Gavin Rothery