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Angel (Jules Urich) is never more alive than when she’s dancing out on the floor and the star of the circle. However, a cruel attack drives her from her home and across the country to Los Angeles. Afraid and angry, Angel runs from everything and everyone, including herself. Follow Angel’s journey - not to a destination but to the woman she once was. Introducing Jules ‘Lady Jules’ Urich (AMERICA'S BEST DANCE CREW, YOU GOT SERVED), Wesley Jonathan (ROLL BOUNCE, STEPPIN: THE MOVIE) and Ivan “Flipz” Velez (STOMP THE YARD, HONEY). B-Girl features some of the biggest and best b-boys in the world today, including FleaRock, Legacy, Remedy, Steelo, and many more. A non-stop dance-fest that will have you on your feet and bouncing to the beat.
Starring Julie Urich, Missy Yager, Drew Sidora
Director Emily Dell