Bar25: Days Out Of Time
“Bar 25” follows its creators – four young individuals who turn social conventions upside down as a counterculture in the 21st century. With their project Lotta, Danny, Christoph and Juval send creativity, individuality and ideals of personal freedom from Berlin into the world. The film describes how the community’s boundless energy and freewheeling way of life transforms a riverside wasteland into a fantasyland by the river Spree. Bar25 means endless dancing, swings that fly right up into the sky, mud wars and confetti baths with pirates, cowboys and Indians. Tracks from The Notwist, Acid Pauli, Bonaparte, as well as Dirty Doering and many others, compose the musical backdrop to the film.
Starring Steffi Lotta, Christoph Klenzendorf, Juval Dieziger
Director Britta Mischer, Nana Yuriko