Available on Prime Video, Garage
After three years, Two Plank returns with a film of epic proportions above all of previous titles. As summer begins to look towards winter yet again, Two Plank Productions is proud to release its 5th full-length feature ski film showcasing adventures from two record-setting winters. Because is Two Plank's first top tier production value film which was shot over two separate record snowfall winters across the globe. Because follows 22 pro athletes through the deepest snow, biggest cliffs, and most intense adventure expeditions our cameras have seen. Because is a story-based, rich visual project of established riders along side the most anticipated upcoming athletes sharing insight to their athletic ambitions and motivational drive to accomplish the next achievement in their careers. Because provides non-stop freeski adventure entertainment through the performances mixed with the quest from the athletes and filmmakers alike. Since the addition of a third unit film crew, Two Plank was able to cover more ground than ever, while having the ability to chase the best storms fluidly with featured heli-skiing, new cutting edge RED Camera shots, snowmobile exploration, ski-plane destination excursions, and increased production gear. Complete with fresh secret zones, lines, plus one-of-a-kind jump locations, Because features the encapsulating motivation of the individual athletes collectively paired with breath-taking visual shots, and compelling entertainment of the crew united as one.
Starring Mike Grisword, Lydia Stern, Mikey Curran
Director Corey Tibljas