Cancer Can Be Killed
Jeff Witzeman goes on a quest to find out why his wife was able to cure her cancer naturally in Germany in 30 days, when her American Urologist told her she had to have her bladder removed followed by chemo and radiation for her Stage 2 or 3 bladder cancer. First Jeff details what happens in Germany, then sends 3 friends with cancer to receive the same treatment. All 3 have the same positive results. Next Jeff visits a natural clinic in Tempe, Arizona with a 90% success rate and interviews both Naturopath Doctor and patients to find out why it is working. But surely traditional American doctors have a reason for doing what they do, right? After interviewing 2 Western Doctors, Jeff finds out that only drugs are tested, not natural products, therefore skewing the scientific results and not allowing doctors to get all the information they need to battle this complicated disease. 3 more success stories are followed including a woman who uses Vitamin C infusions alone, a dog treated naturally for cancer, and a woman who uses cannabis oil. Finally Jeff visits Utopia Wellness in Florida to interview Dr. Carlos Garcia and patients to find a multifaceted approach to both detoxifying and strengthening the body naturally. Cancer treatment will be changed forever through this insightful revelation!
Starring Jeff Witzeman, Dr. Colleen Huber, NMD, Dr. Carlos Garcia
Director Jeff Witzeman