Coconut the Little Dragon
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Meet Coconut, a little fire dragon that can’t fly (how embarrassing!), Oscar, the gourmet dragon and Matilda, the porcupine. Coconut, has been given a very important task: to guard the fire grass. This special fire grass gives the unique gift of fire breathing when eaten. Trouble hits when the fire grass gets stolen! Coconut sets off on an incredible adventure, joining forces with Oscar and Matilda to find the special fire grass…but, when Dragon Island’s dormant volcano “wakes up” and starts to spew molten lava, Coconut needs to brave the heat and save Dragon Island from destruction! Can coconut, Oscar and Matilda save their Island and get back the fire grass?
Starring Max von der Groeben, Dustin Semmelrogge-Sattler, Carolin Kebekus
Director Nina Wels, Hubert Weiland