A story by survivors, “Conversion” takes us on a personal and cinematic journey as a filmmaker, an ex-mormon mom, and a famous drag queen unite to overcome the mental and physical impacts of enduring conversion “therapy”. When filmmaker Zach Meiners discovered that his former conversion “therapist” was still active, he began an endeavor to amplify and empower the voices of survivors, and expose the secretive and often deadly industry. With interviews from doctors, experts, and the founder of one of the most expansive conversion “therapy” networks in the US, “Conversion” is a thought provoking insight into a dangerous underground industry that is constantly rebranding, adapting and growing to this day. Ultimately a film about strength and hope, “Conversion” aims to give a voice to survivors of conversion “therapy,” who are often left out of the conversation, and speak to the next generation who may not have a voice, choice or pathway out of the trauma being inflicted on them.
Starring Dustin Rayburn, Elena Joy Thurston, Troy Stevenson
Director Zach Meiners