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Ed Montenez is a Border Patrol Agent and Shadow Wolf tracker who patrols the Arizona/Mexico border. On this day he hunts a Coyote, Lasaro who smuggles an unusual package. Fresh out of a ten year prison sentence and then deported back to Honduras, Lasaro made his way back to the border where he decided to take up human smuggling with an old friend. Lasaro’s last smuggling run is hijacked leaving Lasaro alone. He wants to leave and save himself but then decides to take on the responsibility of smuggling the package on his own. Also tracking Lasaro are Militia men Travis and Max who believe he was a witness to their last seizure gone bad involving a moving truck full of migrants. While balancing the chaos along the border Ed must also contend with FBI Agent Diane Temple who is intent on connecting Ed to the militia, the killings of migrants and Cartel activities. She is convinced Ed is dirty and is committed to exposing him unless he is willing to deliver the smugglers package to her.
Starring Larry Yazzie, Michael Alvarez, Leana Lewis
Director Nathan Hill