Death Machine
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The year is 2003. Chaank Industries, ruthless world leaders in future weapons technology, hires a new chief executive, Hayden Cale. Cale soon uncovers a secret and unethical weapons project the company is involved in and her first order of business is to shut it down. Her troubles begin just as she also tries to fire the company's technological mastermind, Jack Donte - a childlike psychotic with a dark genius for exotic weapons design. Donte retaliates by unleashing into the corporate headquarters the Death Machine, the ultimate killing unit! A weapon that tracks its target by sensing fear and has the power to rip through walls with its hard steel strength and razor teeth. Joined by two unlikely allies, Cale must wage a desperate bloody battle with the terrifying force that has no mercy, no pity and no fear.
Starring Rachel Weisz, Brad Dourif, Ely Pouget
Director Stephen Norrington