Depth Charge
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Knifing through the depths of the ocean, an American "boomer," armed with active nuclear torpedoes, is heading straight for its unbelievable target. Take cover. America is waging its final war—with itself. Far below the depths of the North Atlantic, the USS Montana, a nuclear powered submarine is on a historic training mission, testing experimental stealth technology. On board is veteran Naval Commander Krieg (Oscar nominee Eric Roberts, The Dark Knight), overlooked for promotion to captain and on his way to a desk job. With the help of mercenaries, Krieg engineers to take over the submarine with its advanced technology in order to hold Washington D.C. and the world hostage. President of the United States Taylor (Golden Globe winner Barry Bostwick, Spin City) is notified of Kreig's ransom demand of a billion dollars to avoid nuclear destruction of the nation's capitol. Kreig's charge against the government: total disregard of the will of the people. From there, the sub will proceed to Iran, North Korea and other world hotspots with the same demands for billions to avoid being attacked. However there was one thing that Krieg and his crew didn't count on when they took over the sub. Still on board are two of the Montana's original crew, the ship's medical officer, Raymond "Doc" Ellers (Jason Gedrick, Desperate Housewives) and a young sailor Piersall (Chris Warren, Jr., High School Musical). The duo will do anything they can to stop the madman from his dangerous and destructive plan. With the power to change the world with the deadliest weapons on earth, a standoff begins fathoms below sea level with the fate of the world at hand. Ignited with stunning and timely twists, Depth Charge plunges forward as the most explosive submarine thriller of all.
Starring Eric Roberts, Jason Gedrick, Chris Warren Jr.
Director Terrence O'Hara