Maury Sterling

Maury Sterling

Character actor Maury Sterling's career portfolio is dominated by guest star stints on a diverse array of popular TV shows. From donning a space suit with Scott Bakula on "Star Trek: Enterprise" (the tale of the first Enterprise NX-01) to slinging hash as a drug dealer on HBO's darkly funny funeral-home drama, "Six Feet Under," Sterling has portrayed characters in just about every genre. He played the recurring role of psychiatrist Dr. Nelson on the hit medical drama "ER"--and has also played plenty of characters that likely would have benefited from some psychotherapy. Perhaps most prominent among these was his performance as the shorter (but no less psychotic) Tremor brother in "Smokin' Aces," the stylish, adrenaline-soaked shoot em' up about a host of assassins competing to take out the same mark. Sterling's neo-Nazi turn, opposite fellow gun-toting cohorts Chris Pine and Kevin Durand, was a wonderfully hammy highlight--which is saying quite a bit given the assortment of over-the-top hooligans that director Joe Carnahan assembled for "Smokin' Aces." In 2011, Sterling played the hapless brother-in-law/assistant of Ray Marciano's freelance surveillance specialist in Showtime's hit thriller series "Homeland," a show headlined by Claire Danes and Damian Lewis.


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