Dora the Explorer: Dora and Boots Best Friends Forever
Friends who explore together, stay together – especially best friends like Dora and Boots! And in these 8 adventures, they'll need help from their other best friend – YOU! Help them explore Adventure Forest amusement park, so they can ride the Roller Coaster Rocks together! Then reunite these best buddies at Rainbow Rock in time for Best Friends' Day! See how Dora met all her best friends in her very first adventure. Race to the rescue to help Dora retrieve Boots' beloved boot when he loses it in Big River! Help give Boots a special day by visiting his favorite places, including his Daddy at work! Take Dora and Boots out to a ballgame to help Boots try to get his first hit ever! Join Dora on a bedtime adventure to find Boots' cuddly dinosaur – he can't sleep without it! Then help Dora get her best friend to Tall Mountain to solve the Silliest Riddle of All! Join these awesome amigos for great friendship adventures! ¡Vámonos!
Starring Fátima Ptacek, Koda Gursoy, Miriam Cruz
Director George Chialtas, Allan Jacobsen