Dora's Super Soccer Showdown
¡Vamos a jugar! Get ready for game day with Dora and Boots in these three super sporting adventures! First, head to Brazil with Dora and her soccer team, the Golden Explorers, to face off against the Monsters in the Big Cup Soccer Tournament! Then, after helping a horse named Sparky to feel better, Dora hops on his back for one last ride as they head back to his barn. Help them keep an eye out for Swiper, prickly bushes, and falling rocks along the way! Then get ready for the Rainforest Talent Show! Dora is going to dance, Boots is going to juggle, Big Red Chicken is going to do magic, and Benny is going to tell his jokes. But on the way, Benny's hot air balloon pops, so Dora and Boots need your help to rescue him and get him to the show on time! Are you ready for a day of big games and big shows? Then, let's go! ¡Vámonos!
Starring Fátima Ptacek, Koda Gursoy, Julia Braine
Director George Chialtas, Allan Jacobsen