Engaged in Vegas
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Jen Delaney loves her boyfriend Abe Schatz, so rather than wait for him to pop the question, she proposes to him on a vegan gluten-free pizza. Abe says yes and agrees to head to Las Vegas to create Jen’s dream engagement video. Jen hires her coworker Peter to film the entire trip, but unbeknown to Abe, Jen is hoping to use the footage to become the star of her own reality show. When Jen gets the news that her grandma has fallen ill, a family secret is revealed that puts a deadline on their wedding and calls Jen's motives into question. The couple then runs into Abe's old coworker who exposes a lie Abe has been telling Jen. With the clock ticking and the camera still rolling, they have to decide if they'll get married ASAP or call the whole thing off. In the end, the content they capture turns out to be something far different from what they had planned: a feature film depicting love at its worst.
Starring Jennifer Daley, Adam Mervis, Joyce Wu
Director Abe Schwartz