Fathoms Deep
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In the aftermath of a deal gone bad, two partners in crime, Hicks (Zachary Block) and Cash (Robert Dill) are mere puppets in a twisted lineup of crime lords and "not quite so right in the head" villains. Amongst the haunting backdrop of the Mojave Desert, they now have to wait out the storm with a less than appealing safety man, Pox (Austin Galante of Bad Fathers) while an opposing crime boss Lue (Duane Daniels) has them hunted down. Will they make it out just in time, or is there even a way out? Fathoms Deep is a thrilling and often comical look into the life of un-organized crime and one thing's for sure - "There's no such thing as Good Guys."
Starring Zachary Ryan Block, Robert Dill, Duane Daniels
Director Zachary Ryan Block