Fool's Gold
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Fool's Gold by Isenseven is not just a snowboard movie. It's a movie about happiness, about the joy of meeting people and getting to see different countries, about friendship and about romance ... well ... on the other hand it really is just a snowboard movie. But it does include a group of friends travelling the world, most of them being funny, some at least trying to, pictures so beautiful even your parents are going to enjoy them, superb editing just like an amazing soundtrack and - pretty obvious - it shows amazing snowboard action. Quite frankly you'd miss a lot, if you did not see Fool's Gold. Plus you would make the riders happy - including Alex Tank, Ludwig Lejkner, David Bertschinger Karg, Marco Smolla, Benny Urban, Colin Frei, Dani Rajcsanyi, Tom Klocker, Michael Mithig, Michi Zirngibl, Fips Strauss, Tobi Strauss, Kevin Bäckström, Luka Jeromel, Peter Konig and Wojtek Pawlusiak.
Starring Benny Urban, Alex Tank, Fips Strauss
Director Alex Schiller, Tom Elliott