Go Brother!
Available on Viki, Sling TV, Plex
What does it feel like to have a brother who makes a fool of his sister every day and has no sense of family? Fried or steamed? Shi Miao only hopes her brother Shi Fen disappeared completely, even her precious birthday wishes are "take my brother away quickly". Unexpectedly wishes come true, the elder brother becomes the best friend Miao Miao's elder brother, Shi Miao feels sorry for Miao Miao while thrills inside of getting rid of "the devil king"! The life without brother becomes a dream that Shi Miao enjoys herself in it every minute, but gradually she finds out there's hidden secret under the strange behavior of her 'devil' brother.
Starring Yuchang Peng, Zi-feng Zhang, Jinmai Zhao
Director Fen-fen Cheng