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Between a dusty construction site and a luxury high-rise, a dilapidated multi-story residence named Humble Grove sits awkwardly. Its tenants are Wang Baojian and his son, progenies of a family of Chinese herbalists, Jin San and his wife Li Juhua, Internet sensation A Ping, and retired gangsters A Ren and A Ming. For years, they have not dared to step outside the building, because if they do, they will be locked out of their homes by ruthless property developers... One night, inexplicable incidents of uncanny horror befall all the tenants, who subsequently decide to hire ghost-buster Golden Ling to perform an exorcism. She turns out to be an avaricious, strident-tongued aunty - Golden Ling looks every bit the charlatan, and the way she conducts the exorcism, wielding her apparatus, is nothing short of comical...
Starring Sandra Ng Kwan-Yue, Francis Ng, Alex Fong Chung-Sun
Director Sandra Ng Kwan-Yue