Grumpier Old Men
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When Grumpier Old Men opens, six months have passed since the happy ending in Grumpy Old Men. John (Jack Lemmon) and Ariel (Ann-Margret) are enjoying married life; Max (Walter Matthau) and John are maintaining a comfortable (if still teasing) friendship; and John and Max are planning the wedding of John's daughter Melanie and Max's son Jacob, who've loved each other for a lifetime. What could go wrong? Maria, a fiery Italian chef (Sophia Loren) -- that's what goes wrong! Maria wants to turn their beloved Bait Shop into a restaurant, but John and Max won't have it. They plague her with pranks and scares until, suddenly, Max realizes that this amazing woman is actually falling for him. Sparks fly as "aging" Boy meets "middle-aged" Girl. But, in grand movie tradition, events intervene and Boy loses Girl. In fact, all the relationships are in crisis. Will Ariel forgive John? Will Max and Maria discover they can't live without each other? Will Melanie and Jacob tie the knot at last? Are the fish biting in Minnesota?
Starring Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau, Ann-Margret
Director Howard Deutch