Hailey Dean Mystery: Deadly Estate
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In the city of Atlanta, Hailey Dean (Kellie Martin) is a bright, disciplined and acutely observant former prosecutor who has found a new way to help others when she becomes a licensed therapist. When Hailey’s friend Pam (Michelle Harrison) suddenly loses both parents, Hailey comforts and helps her through her grief. Later, Hailey is with her when meeting Doris Keating (Gwynyth Walsh), a woman in her 50’s hired by Pam to hold an estate sale for items in her parents’ home. During the meeting, the doorbell rings and Hailey meets Ryan (Jim Thorburn), handsome and impeccably dressed –recently moving to Atlanta—introduced as Pam’s relator to sell her parents’ house, and whom Hailey quickly realizes is Pam’s newest boyfriend. Meanwhile, during a date with Jonas McClellan (Matthew MacCaull), a County Medical Examiner, Hailey is haunted again by old flashbacks, bringing her back to a younger time when she walked with her fiancé Will as he was shot and killed in front of her. She can’t seem to shake these nightmares, and as a result, is having a hard time moving on from Will. On the morning Pam is scheduled to fly to Aruba on a spontaneous trip with Ryan, Hailey learns Pam writes Ryan a note, apologizing saying she can’t go with him after all. Hailey suspects foul play after getting a cell phone call, showing a Hawaiian number, from Pam robotically reassuring Hailey --with loud clanging noises in the background-- not to worry and that she is “ok.” Hailey isn’t convinced this is the case, and brings her suspicions to Detective Danny Morgan (Giacomo Baessato), and that night, she heads to Pam’s house with Jonas to collect potential evidence, finding blood on a vase. Cell phone records ultimately indicate Pam isn’t in Hawaii, and Hailey realizes she’s disappeared and could be in real danger. Later, Hailey learns Ryan has hit by a white pick up truck, but she doubts it’s an accident at all and becomes more and more suspicious of Pam’s past boyfriends. DNA evidence points to Pam’s blood on the vase and Hailey learns the police are narrowing in on Pam’s former flame, Lance Hunter (Joshua Hinkson), identified by Ryan in a line-up as the man who hit him with the truck. The mystery deepens and Jonas is poisoned, clinging to life, and Hailey’s flashback repeats, but this time Jonas takes the place of Will, and it’s Jonas that is shot instead. Hailey finally rules out Lance learning Pam’s parents’ home sold and closed in less than a week –and only someone in a rush does that—and whoever took Pam had access, opportunity and three million bucks worth of motive to make Pam disappear. Hailey is told of many other women with sudden inheritances that have disappeared and are presumed dead and Hailey finds herself seeking justice, discovering there is much more to the mystery behind Pam’s kidnapping than it appears.
Starring Kellie Martin, Giacomo Baessato, Cindy Busby
Director Terry Ingram