Hailey Dean Mystery: Murder, With Love
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A former prosecutor and now a nationally famous legal analyst and advocate for victim’s rights, we meet Hailey Dean. A former prosecutor with a stellar record, Hailey has now embraced a career as a therapist. One of Hailey’s patients and her brother lose their mother, a respected doctor, to an overdose and then drowning. Shortly after the funeral service, their father is killed in a car that explodes and burns after crashing off a bridge. During the ensuing investigation the siblings become the prime suspects in what might be murders rather than accidents. When their personal fortune and all the working capital in their family trucking business disappear from their bank accounts, the investigation takes a new direction. Hailey works with her former colleagues in the police department to figure out what is really going on.
Starring Kellie Martin, Giacomo Baessato, Matthew MacCaull
Director Terry Ingram