Hate Crime
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Nice guy accountant Robbie lives an idyllic life with his partner Trey in a quiet suburban neighborhood. But when a venomous neighbor moves in and starts harassing them, hate sparks violence. Recipient of the Best Feature Award at the Outtakes Dallas and Sedona International film festivals, Hate Crime features a brilliant cast including Seth Peterson (Providence) as Robbie, Lin Shaye (Snakes On A Plane, There's Something About Mary) and Golden Globe winners Susan Blakely (The Towering Inferno, Rich Man, Poor Man) and Bruce Davison (Longtime Companion). A provocative thriller, Hate Crime delves deep into intolerance, challenging audiences to question their own prejudices as they witness the heartbreaking consequences of hate and a family's painful quest for retribution.
Starring Seth Peterson, Bruce Davison, Chad Donella
Director Tommy Stovall