Have a Laugh - Vol. 4
Just when you thought it was safe to stop laughing yourself silly, Mickey and his pals are back with more sidesplitting Have A Laugh high jinks! Have an outrageously gday with Mickey and Pluto when their adventure Down Under goes way over the top, thanks to a wayward boomerang and a humongous ostrich. Kick up your heels with Donald as his fireside hula dance heats up hilariously. Then, ride a tide of laughs with Goofy as he tries to catch a wave and Blam! gets clobbered by his surfboard. Its a bold, new approach to classic comedy thatll make your spirits soar. Overflowing with fun and surprises, Have a Laugh Volume 4 will paste a permanent smile on your face!
Director Charles Nichols, Ben Sharpsteen