Hawaa Hawaai
Son of a cotton-farmer, Arjun is uprooted from the village after his father's shocking death, to the slums of Mumbai. Here, he toils long hours to support his family. One evening he witnesses a skating coach, Lucky (Saqib), eagerly training a group of privileged kids. He's besotted by a pair of shiny roller-skates. His adorable buddies Gochi, Bhura, Abdul and Murugan share his dream of "wheel balance ka khel", making his passion their own. On seeing his talent and tenacity, Lucky finds a new goal - to make Arjun a champ. But will his dream smoothly make it to the finish line?
Starring Saqib Saleem, Partho Gupte, Ashfaque Bismillah Khan
Director Amole Gupte