Here Come the Littles
When Henry Bigg's parents are lost in Africa, the boy must go live with his mean Uncle Augustus. Tom and Lucy Little fall into Henry's suitcase and end up in the unfamiliar and frightening world of Augustus. While hiding in the walls, the kids discover Augustus wants to be Henry's guardian so he can tear down Henry's house and build a shopping center on the land to make him rich. As the Littles live in the walls of Henry's house, and the bulldozers will be there soon, Tom and Lucy are frantic to get home. They reveal themselves to Henry, who is astonished to learn of their existence, but glad to have new friends, particularly in this unhappy household. Henry tries to help them escape but gets locked in his room for his efforts. Grandpa Little and cousin Dinky fly to the rescue in Dinky's glider, but a cat destroys it after they land leaving them stranded with the kids. While taking the key to Henry's room from a sleeping Augustus, Dinky discovers an important piece of paper which proves the old man is nothing but a crook forging Henry's father's signature and not even Henry's guardian. After rescuing Tom from a honey well and a few very close calls, including a fire, a water airplane crash, and a lonely night on a deserted country road, Henry goes for the police and the Littles fly the repaired toy airplane back to Henry's house in time to warn the rest of the family. The bulldozer is rolling, but Dinky pulls the right wire out of place stopping the motor just as the police arrive. But the best news of all is Henry's parents are found and everything is comfortable once again.
Starring Jimmy Keegan, Bettina Bush, Hal Smith
Director Bernard Deyriès