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The Ice Team is back, and our universe has never needed them more than they do this time! When penguin partners, Flip and Zooey, embark on their very first exploratory mission to Earth, they unwittingly uncover a diabolical plot to capture every creature in the cosmos, and transform the entire planet into a private zoo! Spearheaded by the sinister shark, Grimm Slice, along with his main mollusk, Space Slime, the zoo plan appears to be coming along nicely - that is, until the Ice Team bands together once again, to defend the defenseless and return safety to the star system! Come blast-off with the Arctic's most amazing astronauts, Flip, Zooey, Bondo, Flop, and Captain Stella, as these feathered heroes do what they do best - fight for freedom and eradicate evil in outer space! Dive into the action, and join this Penguin League for another unforgettable adventure!
Starring Maria Petrano, Jacob Tyler, Thomas Carr
Director James Snider