Imaginary Crimes
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Academy Award-nominee Harvey Keitel ("Red Dragon," "U-571") stars in this heart-warming comedy/drama charting the troubled relationship between a hustler whose dreams of making a fortune are always "just a technicality away," and his teenage daughters, one of whom is a blossoming writer struggling to understand him. Kelly Lynch ("Charlie's Angels," "White Man's Burden") and Fairuza Balk ("Almost Famous," "Waterboy") co-star. The Hollywood Reporter calls this "a touching, rewarding drama," citing Balk who "steals the show pack[ing] genuine emotion and nuance into every scene." "Emotionally luminous, poignant, richly textured," says The Boston Globe. And TV Guide says "Harvey Keitel's nuanced performance distinguishes [this] moving *** character study."
Starring Harvey Keitel, Fairuza Balk, Kelly Lynch
Director Anthony Drazan