In Their Skin
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A few months after the accidental death of their daughter, a grief-stricken Mark and Mary Hughes, together with their son, escape the distractions of upper-class city life for their tranquil country cottage in the hope of bringing the broken family closer together. The unhappy couple, tortured by the unbearable tragedy, is on the brink of separation; this trip is a last-ditch attempt to save their relationship.Far from the world in an isolated idyll, surrounded by memories of happier times, their seclusion is soon interrupted when the awkward, poverty-stricken Sakowski family shows up at their doorstep. What transpires is a tense and terrifying ordeal that sees the rural home transformed from a peaceful sanctuary into a theater of insanity, human puppetry and murder, as the Sakowskis unravel to reveal their true intention – to steal the Hughes’ identities. Their lives already in tatters, Mark and Mary are forced to face the past, confront the present, and fight for their future.Fueled by one man’s desire for the ‘perfect’ life, IN THEIR SKIN is a twisted tale of two fractured families and the lengths they will go to for the ones they love and the lives they long for. This is a brutal but carefully crafted statement on social inequality and the danger of obsession. Unnerving from the start and horrifying long after the credits roll, this psychological thriller tears its characters apart and asks: What would you do to be perfect?
Starring Selma Blair, Joshua Close, Rachel Miner