Irish Myths & Legends
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With the atmospheric and sometimes haunting melodies of traditional Irish music compiled and performed by Wylde Green, one of the most popular contemporary Irish bands of the 21st Century, this program imparts the true flavor of Ireland and the myths and legends so beloved of this wonderful nation of storytellers. When it comes to a good story the Irish certainly know how to tell a fine tale and with their rich heritage of myths and legends, that are so much a part of Irelandʼs colorful history, any visitor to the Emerald Isle will be certain to enjoy a great wealth of tradition and culture. “Irish Myths and Legends” brings together a selection of the best-loved stories of Ireland, travelling to the amazing, legendary places that have both inspired and thrilled in equal measure. From the beautiful, peaceful waters of the rippling Loughs where Fairy Folk live beneath the depths in coastline and green rolling hills where Leprechauns hide and the giants of old fought for their very existence. follow the exploits of Finn MacCool; see his Giantʼs Causeway and the dramatic Ben Bulben where he destroyed his love rival Dermot in one of Irelandʼs most famous legends. Discover the places of pilgrimage where St. Patrick toiled tirelessly to bring Christianity to Irelandʼs shores and wonder at the steep slopes of Croagh Patrick and the tranquil beauty of Ballintubber Abbey. Uncover the mysteries of Tara, the Hill of Allen, Blarney Castle, Glendalough and so much more on this magical tour around Ireland.
Starring Liam Dale
Director Liam Dale