Jason Weems: Unknown
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On May 3, 2017, Jason Weems died after a stand-up performance in Philadelphia. No pulse. No heartbeat. 5-minutes. He awoke 16-hours later in the hospital labeled as “Unknown”. This life altering experience re-ignited his comedic drive to never allow his life or his talent to be over looked again. Jason Weems is a comedic genius, actor and writer who has been featured on NBC’S Last Comic Standing, Fox and HBO. In 2014, his online series “The Lunchtime Show” premiered on Marlon Wayans’ comedy platform WhatTheFunny.com. He is a long-time favorite in the DMV who has headlined at premier comedy clubs and festivals nationally, including the exclusive“invitation-only” Just for Laughs Festival in Montreal. Film critics have also recognized Jason’s emotional range in his lead role in the comedic drama, “Wits End”. "Unknown" is the latest installment of "Good Ass Jokes" from the mind of Jason Weems.
Starring Jason Weems
Director Alexis Lorraine Chinery