Keith Lowell Jensen's Not for Rehire
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“Not for Rehire” is a quirky and unique special in which comedian Keith Lowell Jensen takes the audience on a rollercoaster ride through the many hirings and firings of his spotted career history from being punched by one employer, to another pushing him, unprepared, onto the stage in front of a large crowd at a film festival, inadvertently starting his comedy career. Keith tells largely autobiographical stories that are engaging, hilarious and poignant, garnering him a sizable devoted following. He has appeared on the History Channel, Spike TV, Lopez Tonight on TBS, and the Starz Network, and has seven comedy albums to his credit with his latest, "Unclean" earning a featured spot on SiriusXM's Raw Dog Comedy Channel. He boasts over 7.5 million spins on Pandora, and over 1 million on Spotify. His book, "Punching Nazis and Other Good Ideas" was published by Skyhorse Books in 2019.
Starring Keith Lowell Jensen
Director Jason Broussard, Keith Lowell Jensen