Killer Cove
Available on Peacock, Tubi TV
Between having a spiteful ex-husband and a difficult job hunt, Linda (Haley Webb) also has a stalker and it is all too much for her to handle. When the police can’t solve the problem, she turns to Tony (Donny Boaz), a private investigator, who scares off her stalker for good. Linda begins to feel a romantic connection with Tony, but soon mysterious incidents start happening to Linda’s ex-husband Eric (Jason Alan Smith), and the police caution her about Tony’s obsessive and violent past. She tries to ignore the warnings until her ex-husband narrowly escapes a deadly explosion. And when her best friend Carrie (Cathy Baron) suddenly goes missing, Linda is convinced that Tony plans to remove everyone from her life that is a threat to their relationship. Now she will need to find and rescue Carrie before Tony takes everything away from her. But then is Tony the one behind this or is it someone else?
Starring Haley Webb, Donny Boaz, Cathy Baron
Director Damian Romay