Lady Buds
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After the widely praised decision to legalize cannabis in California, six courageous women come out of the shadows of the underground market to enter the new commercial industry. But with excessive government oversight and regulations that favor well-funded corporations, these trailblazers risk everything to fight for a piece of the American Dream in the very market they helped create.“Lady Buds” features second-generation cannabis farmer Chiah Rodriques, 72-year old African-American retired Catholic school principal turned dispensary owner Sue Taylor, Latinx queer activist Felicia Carbajal, serial entrepreneur Karyn Wagner, and Humboldt elders The Bud Sisters. Their stories speak to the complicated dynamics of raising a family on a cannabis farm, the social justice fight for those affected by the War on Drugs, educating senior citizens about the healing power of cannabis, and honoring the LGBTQ activists who fought for legalizing medical marijuana over 25 years ago.
Starring Felicia Carbajal, Joyce Centofanti, Pearl Moon
Director Chris J. Russo