Lokah Laqi
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Inspired by true events, HANG IN THERE, KIDS! is the new film from aboriginal director Laha Mebow after her first aboriginal-theme work FINDING SAYUN. HANG IN THERE, KIDS! won 5 Taipei Film Festival awards, including Grand Prize, and it received critical acclaim internationally from film festivals big and small. It will also represent Taiwan to compete for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.In an isolated and secluded aboriginal tribe that lies in a serene and beautiful valley, three boys, Watan(Buya Watan), Chen Hao(Watan Silan) and Lin Shan(Suyan Pito), live in the woods. They are always positive, full of life, naughty and playful, but have their own family issues on their minds. While they try to stay optimistic, hunting together or selling veggies to earn some allowances have become their pleasures in life. Miss La Wa(Esther Huang), a physically challenged teacher, runs an afterschool class for the kids of the tribe, so that they have a place to warm their hearts other than their homes. To the kids, La Wa is like a ray of love. She has the most beautiful voice but no longer sings. Later on, Watan came upon her old demo tape and found out about her talent. These three boys plucked up the courage and brought the tape to Taipei with them. What will this turn of events bring to their lives?
Starring Suyan Pito, Buya Watan, Watan Silan
Director Laha Mebow