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An actor has a feeling for another actor in his performance, or in his reality.A stage actor Jae-ha, and a K-pop Idol Young-woo are starred in the play called "Unchain" known for its provocative homosexual setting. Young-woo doesn't take it seriously while Jae-ha puts his everything to make a successful stage, and they fight in every step of preparation. For Jae-ha, his girlfriend Seo-eun is the only comfort. On the rehearsal day Jae-ha brings the deepest desire inside Young-woo, and thanks to him, Young-woo is completed absorbed in the role who loves Jae-ha passionately. Their acting gradually mixes with reality and the both is confused about their feeling toward each other. Moreover Seo-eun senses Jae-ha's feeling, and they get tangled more and more.
Starring Park Sung-woong, Yoon Seung-ah, Oh Seung-hoon
Director Bang Eun-jin