Mickey Blue Eyes
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Golden Globe-winner Hugh Grant ("Music and Lyrics," "Two Weeks Notice") and Jeanne Tripplehorn ("Timecode," "Sliding Doors") star in this romantic comedy about an English-born Manhattan art dealer whose impending marriage is threatened after his fiancé reveals that her father is in the Mafia. When the art dealer inadvertently becomes embroiled in money laundering, murder and mayhem, he masquerades as a tough "wiseguy" from Kansas City: "Mickey Blue Eyes." Co-starring Golden Globe, Oscar and Emmy-nominee James Caan ("Get Smart," "Misery"), James Fox ("Sexy Beast," "Anna Karenina"), Scott Thompson (TV's "The Kids in the Hall," "Brain Candy") and Oscar-nominee Burt Young ("Back to School," the "Rocky" movies).
Starring Hugh Grant, James Caan, Jeanne Tripplehorn
Director Kelly Makin