My Bionic Pet
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From PBS - NATURE: My Bionic Pet - We’ve come a long way in terms of our relationships with animals. We’ve gone from being their owners to being their guardians and in some cases even making them part of our families. Today, we are taking the next step, as animals suffering from serious disfigurements or disabilities are being fitted with prosthetic devices. Bionic limbs, tails, and even beaks are being created for our four- and two-legged friends to improve their mobility, their overall quality of life, and their emotional wellbeing. It’s a state of being they embrace whole-heartedly. Follow the stories of a horse, a pig, a swan, an alligator and several dogs, all of whom have been provided with prosthetics that have changed their lives. And meet the dedicated experts and caregivers who have made it all possible.
Starring Emily Anthes