Night Falls on Manhattan
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Andy Garcia (When A Man Loves A Woman, The Godfather Part III) stars with Academy Award™-winner* Richard Dreyfuss (Mr. Holland's Opus, The Goodbye Girl) in this electrifying political thriller from celebrated director Sidney Lumet (The Verdict, Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico). Sean Casey (Garcia) is just another idealistic assistant D.A.— until his prosecution of a cop-killing drug lord catapults him into the center of New York's tempestuous political arena. Vowing to follow the clues wherever they lead, the young D.A. embarks on a search for the truth that will force him to question his faith in the law, his loyalty to loved ones and his place in a system where justice is the ultimate con.
Starring Bobby Cannavale, Andy Garcia, Lena Olin
Director Sidney Lumet