Outside Bet
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Set in the trendsetting and tumultuous 1980s, this eccentric comedy will take you back to the amazing days of power suits, techno pop music, Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan.While sitting in their local bar one afternoon, six friends are offered the chance to buy a racehorse by an eccentric stranger. With his job in jeopardy and the discovery that his father is gravely ill, Bax convinces his five friends to pool their money to buy the horse. But after renaming their four-legged acquisition, things quickly begin to go from awesome to awful as they find themselves at the racetrack placing all their hard-earned savings 'on the nose' to win. Their fates and fortunes may be tied to a long shot, but each will learn a lesson about life that will stay with them forever.
Starring Bob Hoskins, Jenny Agutter, Phil Davis
Director Sacha Bennett