Scanners II: The New Order
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The action-packed sequel to David Cronenberg's original sci-fi cult-classic, Scanners II: The New Order dives head-long into the dark recesses of the subconscious, taking telepathic mind control to horrific new depths. In his quest for absolute power, corrupt police commander John Forrester (Yvan Ponton) schemes to draft a telepathic breed of mutant humans, known as 'scanners' to control the minds of 'normal' citizens and secure control over the city. Forrester enlists the help of expert scientist Dr. Morse (Tom Butler) to conduct invasive mind control experiments on the 'scanners' with a new drug. When the side-effects render the 'scanners' powerless, Forrester enlists prime candidate David Kellum (David Hewlett) to help establish 'The New Order' - a group of elite 'scanners' destined to control the masses and change the social landscape forever.
Starring David Hewlett, Yvan Ponton, Deborah Raffin
Director Christian Duguay