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Based on the true story of Séraphine de Senlis, biopic of an unconventional artist. 1912, in a little town North of Paris. Séraphine Louis, works as a maid for Madame Duphot, who rents an apartment to a German art critic and dealer, Wilhelm Uhde, an enthusiastic advocate of modern and "primitive" artists. In her spare time, Séraphine paints, with everything that comes to hand (wine, mud, fruits and flowers mixture). When Wilhelm comes across a small painting that she brought over a few days previously, he's mesmerized, snaps it up and insists that Seraphine show him the rest of her work. It is the beginning of a nurturing relationship which will get Séraphine's work to be exposed all over the world. But as Séraphine paints her most inspired canvas, the grace of her work leads her into the realms of madness.
Starring Yolande Moreau, Ulrich Tukur, Anne Bennent
Director Martin Provost