Somewhere Only We Know
KIM (WANG Likun) is in deep sorrow over the death of her beloved granny and her fiancée breaking promise to marry her; therefore, she decides impulsively to go study in Prague. When KIM is still in doubt with herself, her relationship and her life, she meets a handsome young Asian cellist PAN (Kris WU) in Prague. Their relationship begins with a one-night stand and they both hold the attitude of "no strings attached" relationship. However, what Pan has been through moulds him to be more mature among his peers. KIM and PAN gradually bond over the losses in their lives and begin to fall in love...Granny CHAN lan-sum (XU Jinglei) never reveals her experiences to KIM before. One day, a letter from Czech Republic Embassy makes KIM realize her granny's untold love story. Under PAN's help, KIM eventually discovers her granny's secret. At the same time, their relationship will soon be tested by time after the end of the 6 month study. PAN's family status does not allow him to leave Prague; they have no choice but to move on with their lives. Will KIM repeat her granny's fate, estrange with her love and never reconnect again?
Starring Kris Wu, Claudia Wang, Gordon Alexander
Director Jinglei Xu