Song of the South: Duane Allman and the Rise of the Allman Brothers
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In the early to mid 1970s a handful of bands from the Deep South reinvigorated American popular music by fusing blues, country and rock 'n' roll styles into a new and unique form . But the man who had sparked this renaissance and who had struggled to gain acceptance in an industry firmly established in the North and out West, was by then just a memory. Duane Allman, the lead guitarist and driving force behind Southern Rock pioneers The Allman Brothers Band, lived a tragically short life, but during his brief career he changed music forever... This film looks at Allman's life, work and musical output, from his early days in Florida to his influential session work in Muscle Shoals, his monumental collaboration with Eric Clapton in Derek & The Dominos and the inimitable virtuosity with which he set the Allman Brothers Band alight. Featuring contributions from; the men who forged the Allman's and the Dominos' sound, engineers & producers the Albert Brothers; Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section founding members, David Hood & Jimmy Johnson; former co-members of Duane & Greg's late 1960s group, The Hour Glass, Paul Hornsby & Pete Carr; Allman Brothers road manager between 1970 & 1975, Willie Perkins; Allman biographers, Randy Poe (Skydog) & Scott Freeman (Midnight Riders); band archivist and curator at The Allman Brothers Band Museum in Macon, GA, E.J. Devokaitis, and a host of other friends, colleagues and close at hand music writers. The film also includes rare footage of Duane and the band, exclusive and archive interviews, and numerous previously unseen photographs, many from private collections.
Starring Duane Allman
Director Chrome Dreams