Street Punx
"After encountering an underground punk rock scene in Yangon, Myanmar, New Orleans film teacher Maja dreams of making a movie about them, battling multiple egos along the way to her own artistic voice.As she struggles to write the script, Yamil, her friend and producer, convinces her to quit her teaching job, purchase two tickets to Myanmar, and seek out investors for a film that has no story.As they continue to pitch the film to various self-involved characters, including rock star Edward Sharpe, Ian, an aging punk rock “legend,” and Laura, a wealthy actress turned New Age author, Maja continues to dream of what her film could be, glamorizing the punks “exotic” lifestyle.At the same time, Yamil hires a two-person crew to document their making of the film, which eventually reaches absurdist meta heights.As tensions rise between them, Maja must face the difficult realities of indie filmmaking, and the struggle to tell a story that belongs to someone else."
Starring Yamil Rodriguez, Jamie Neumann, Betsy Holt
Director Maja Holzinger