Will Work For Views: The Lo Fi Life of Weird Paul
Available on Tubi TV, Plex
Way ahead of his time - before YouTube, before Snapchat, before Facebook and even before the internet itself - Paul Petroskey started filming himself performing song parodies, music videos and unboxing videos, video blogging, sharing reviews, and telling jokes. Now, 30 years and 1,000 videos later, in the age of overnight YouTube sensations, Paul’s “overnight” still has not come. Every day, Paul works for the views that fill his soul in hopes of also paying his bills, and struggles with the question that all artists must face: When (if ever) do you give up on your dreams? Will Work for Views showcases the wonderful, strange, fascinating world of “Weird Paul” as he works to fulfill his lifelong passion of earning a living creating art through music and video.
Starring Paul Petroskey, Niffer Desmond, Millie Petroskey
Director Joseph Litzinger, Eric Michael Schrader