That is All
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Working a dull job and feeling unexcited by the responsibilities of adulthood as he enters his 30s, Ryan retreats into monotony and loneliness. His only reprieve is in a small, close-knit group of friends. At a birthday party for his friend Brad, Ryan meets Brad’s boyfriend, Sam, sparking an unexpected affair. Against a cold and glistening winter landscape, Ryan and Sam begin meeting in secret, growing closer. When their secret relationship is discovered by Ryan’s roommate, Paul, Ryan panics. As he contemplates the repercussions for his ordered life, the strength of his friendships, and his own unstable identity, he makes some troubling choices, pushing away those who care for him most. Ultimately, Ryan must come to terms with his sexuality, and balance loyalty for his close-knit group of friends, including Sam’s boyfriend with his intense feelings for Sam. This emotionally resonant story grapples with the intensity of coming of age in the 21st century.
Starring Joel Ballanger, Al Braatz, Sara Hinding
Director Mark Weeden