The Last Laugh
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Myles Parks is a talented stand-up comedian on the edge of success. His past, however, is marked by a tragedy that has left him dependent on medication and limited his career potential. But tonight is the night that could turn it all around: Myles is opening for a big name comedian at a prestigious old world theater the very night that a talent scout for a prime time comedy show will be in attendance. Unfortunately, fate has something else in mind. While preparing for this career-making opportunity, Myles discovers a dead body in his dressing room. Faced with a moral dilemma, Myles hides the body so that the show can go on but soon realizes someone or something stalks the dark back corridors of the theater, putting everyone's lives at stake. Now he must not only fight to ensure the show goes off without a hitch, he must fight to stay alive.
Starring Steve Vanderzee, Lowell Deo, Eric Stone
Director Jeremy Berg