The Lusty Men
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A Fast Buck... A Fast Bronc... A Fast Thrill! Robert Mitchum and Susan Hayward star in the story of an indomitable woman and the rodeo riders who will risk anything to have her--The Lusty Men. After a series of accidents, rodeo star Jeff McCloud (Mitchum) hobbles back home to Oklahoma. But when ambitious young rider Wes Merritt (Arthur Kennedy) hires McCloud as coach, Merritt's wife Louise is the lure that attracts McCloud to train Merritt. Louise is willing to allow McCloud's advances if it will help her husband; however, when the unstable triangle of passion inevitably leads to a confrontation between Merritt and McCloud, the aging rider enters one last rodeo just to thwart Merritt's ambition--but at a terrible price.
Starring Susan Hayward, Robert Mitchum, Arthur Kennedy
Director Nicholas Ray