The Reunion
Available on Peacock, Tubi TV
The Reunion follows three friends (Paul, Jacob, and Cole) who get together over a long weekend for their own private high school reunion. Paul and Jacob have kept in close touch since graduating from high school ten years ago. However, they haven’t seen or heard from Cole since their senior year. Paul is eager to catch up with Cole, while Jacob appears to be uncomfortable by his very presence. It doesn’t take long for Paul to pickup on Jacob’s strange behavior and attitude towards Cole. Paul tries to figure out why Cole’s presence at the reunion is having such a peculiar effect on Jacob, but he doesn’t have much luck at first. It isn’t until Jacob discovers who Cole really is and why he’s at the reunion, that he begins to open up to Paul and a secret from their high school days starts to unravel.
Starring Edward Furlong, Chelsea Ricketts, Nick Roux
Director Tim French